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Thyroid Cancer

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In the United States, thyroid cancer affects just over 50,000 people each year. Although not as common as other types of cancer, surgery is one of the primary treatments. Ravikumar Brahmbhatt, MD, FACS at RR Surgical Associates specializes in the surgical treatment of thyroid cancer. For a consultation, call the Edison or Jersey City, New Jersey, office for an appointment or use the online booking button today.

Thyroid Cancer Q & A

What is thyroid cancer?

Thyroid cancer affects the thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck. Your thyroid is responsible for synthesizing hormones that regulate your metabolism, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Thyroid cancer isn’t very common in the United States, but with advances in medical technology, doctors are able to find even the smallest lesions. With treatment, thyroid cancer is curable.

What are the symptoms of thyroid cancer?

Early on, thyroid cancer might not cause any symptoms, but as the tumor grows you’ll begin to notice changes.

Common symptoms include:

  • Development of a lump in your throat that you can feel
  • Neck pain and difficulty swallowing
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Hoarseness

If you experience these symptoms you should see a doctor for an evaluation.

What is the treatment for thyroid cancer?

Surgery is one of the primary treatments for thyroid cancer. The types of surgery include:


A thyroidectomy is the removal of most or all of your thyroid. In most cases, this is the recommended treatment for thyroid cancer.

Thyroid Lobectomy

If your thyroid-cancer lesion is small, Dr. Brahmbhatt can perform a thyroid lobectomy, which is the removal of only the lobe affected by the cancer.

Lymph-Node Removal

If your lymph nodes are enlarged, they can be removed during your surgery and tested for cancer.

Other treatment options include radiation, chemotherapy, and targeted drug therapy.

Are there other conditions that require thyroid surgeries?

Dr. Brahmbhatt also performs thyroid surgery to remove thyroid lesions or goiters.

Thyroid Lesion

Also referred to as a thyroid nodule, a thyroid lesion is a fluid-filled sac that develops on your thyroid. These lesions are usually noncancerous. You will need surgery for a thyroid lesion if it’s large or affecting your ability to swallow.


A goiter is an enlargement of your thyroid gland. Dr. Brahmbhatt will recommend surgery if your goiter is making it difficult for you to breathe or swallow.

For surgical management of all issues related to your thyroid, call the Edison or Jersey City office of RR Surgical Associates or schedule an appointment using the online tool.