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Breast Cancer

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Surgery is often part of the treatment plan for women with breast cancer. Ravikumar Brahmbhatt, MD, FACS at RR Surgical Associates is a general surgeon who specializes in breast-cancer surgeries, including mastectomy and lumpectomy. For a consultation, call the Edison or Jersey City, New Jersey, office today for an appointment with Dr. Brahmbhatt.

Breast Cancer Q & A

Why would I need surgery for breast cancer?

While removal of the cancerous tumor is usually the reason women need surgery, it’s not the only reason surgery could be recommended. Breast-cancer surgery could also be recommended to:

  • See if the cancer has spread to your lymph nodes
  • Relieve pain caused by the cancer
  • Reconstruct your breast after removal of the cancer

Dr. Brahmbhatt is a breast-cancer surgical specialist and will always openly communicate with you the need for surgery.

What are the types of breast-cancer surgeries?

Dr. Brahmbhatt can perform one of two common types of surgical procedures to remove your breast cancer. The types include:


A lumpectomy, also called breast-conserving surgery, removes only the cancerous tumor and some of the surrounding tissue. The goal of this surgery is to remove as much of the cancer as possible while preserving as much of your breast tissue as possible.


A mastectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the entire breast plus the surrounding tissue. Depending on the type of cancer, some women will need a double mastectomy, which is the removal of both breasts.

How do I know what type of breast surgery I need?

When it comes to breast-cancer surgery, deciding between a lumpectomy and a mastectomy can be a daunting choice on top of the stress of the cancer itself. Dr. Brahmbhatt and your oncologist will help you determine the best course of action to take. You’re not in this alone.

If your cancer is in the early stages, you could be a good candidate for a lumpectomy. However, you will need radiation after surgical removal of your tumor to ensure destruction of the cancerous cells.

A mastectomy will be recommended if you have a more aggressive form of breast cancer, the tumor is large, or your prior medical history makes a mastectomy the best choice.

Can I have a breast cyst removed?

Dr. Brahmbhatt can also remove breast cysts, which are fluid-filled sacs that develop in breast tissue. Breast cysts aren’t cancerous, but they can cause pain and discomfort. Surgery for breast cysts is usually only recommended if your cyst is blood-tinged or recurs every month and causes discomfort.

Dr. Brahmbhatt is a surgical expert who specializes in the surgical care of women undergoing breast-cancer treatment. Call RR Surgical Associates to meet with Dr. Brahmbhatt to discuss your surgical options, or schedule an appointment online today.